ESDA Code of ethics

ESDA and it’s members are guided by a spirit of justice, honour and fairness in all relations with members of their own and other associated industries, realising that standards maintained in their own industry vitally affect the standards of the industry as a whole. Towards that end they subscribe to:

  • Support in every way the use of security products to better the society and community in which they live and conduct their business and to develop the ability and technical skills of the industry.
  • Deal fairly and frankly with local, state and civic agencies through ESDA and matters affecting the legislation, using only legal and ethical means to seek frank and fair treatment in return.
  • Work to serve and expand ESDA through all fair and ethical practices and to reflect favourably on it’s identifying logo, using it in promotion and advertising to show support of its good and aspirations.
  • Advocate truth in advertising to ensure that their products perform as specified in promotional material, as well standing behind their guarantees and warranties.
  • Co-operate beneficially with all members of the industry and other industry associations through ESDA, thereby fostering cordial relations among them.
  • Strive to maintain a professional attitude towards those they serve, those who service them, towards other firms in the industry and towards members of similar industries. The members of ESDA recognise that this is a society of competitors and agree that this competition will be conducted in a fair and ethical way. In order to achieve this, members have agreed that their executives and staff will not:
  • Make derogatory and disparaging remarks regarding their co-members and competitors, irrespective of whether they are members of ESDA or not.
  • Endeavor to recruit staff from their competitors.
  • Approach their competitors’ exclusive suppliers with the objective of interfering with this exclusive arrangement in any way.
    Be it resolved that the ESDA members subscribe to the principles embodied in this code of ethics.