The Electronic Security Distributors’ Association (ESDA), established in 1989, is an association not for gain, and is registered in terms of Section 22 of the Companies Act, 61 of 1973. The main business activity of every member is the importation, distribution or manufacture (or a combination of these) of electronic security technology products, or the provision of services directly related to such importation, distribution or manufacture. It is of importance to note that members of ESDA are specifically excluded from performing installation of security equipment.

The Objectives of ESDA

  • Promote high standards in electronic security technology products, workmanship,Maintenance, and service to the electronic security equipment industry
  • Maintain a high ethical standard of conduct within the industry
  • Promote, encourage and protect the interests’ of all its members,
  • Represent the interests’ of members of ESDA in the context of any proposed or existing legislation, primary or subordinate, which may affect the ESDA members directly or indirectly.

Opportunities with ESDA

  • Liaison with SAIDSA and SASA and other Employer Organisations
  • Technical Networking
  • Development of Technical Learnership Programs and Unit Standards

In addition, the following activities are available for ESDA members to participate in:

  • Annual Exhibitions e.g. Securex
  • General Meetings
  • Annual AGM
  • Golf Day
  • Seminars at General Meetings