Join ESDA today for huge benefits

If you’re involved in the importation, distribution or manufacture of electronic security technology and related products, it’s time that you became a member of ESDA!

ESDA (or the Electronic Security Distributors Association) is a non-profit organisation open to all companies in the above fields, barring those which do installations.

The benefits of joining ESDA:

  • You will become part of the private security industry’s transformation, your interests will be represented at the highest level and you will form part of the bigger picture going forward.
  • You will be kept updated on all industry developments.
  • The planned transformation and regulation of the industry, which has begun in earnest, will not impact negatively on you in terms of operating a security business – but failure to be part of a representative body will make operating increasingly difficult.
  • Your company’s name will be listed on the ESDA website which will afford it the opportunity of being endorsed by a recognized industry body. You will also be able to advertise on the ESDA web site if you wish.
  • You can use the respected, well-known ESDA logo on your letterheads and in your advertising.
  • You will have free access to helpful tools such as Kredit Inform for industry-related information.
  • You’ll receive an ESDA membership certificate to display on your premises.
  • And you’ll receive benefits from your participation at Securex each year.

So don’t wait – join ESDA now and become a part of a dynamic new era in the private security industry!